Our Parent Dogs
Miniature Sport Retrievers

Bill & Ayla Bitter
170 Stinnett Ridge
Madisonville, TN 37354

Bill's cell: 865-776-3635
Ayla's cell: 865-776-8223

Email: William.bitter81@gmail.com
"Little Princess Gracie", AKA "Gracie", is our tiny light gold female, out of Gemma and Al. Gracie is extra tiny, but very playful and fun! Gracie is Cocker sized, but weighs less then the average Cocker Spanuiel, and she has the Golden Retriever look! Gracie is 50% Golden Retriever, with her other 50% being both American and English Cocker Spaniel. 
"Lucky Dill" AKA "Dill", is a beautiful, small gold male. Dill is actually 50% English Cocker, with Nutmeg as his dam. Then 25% Golden Retriever and 25% American Cocker, with Tonka being his sire.
Gracie with Max!
"Princess Bella Blue" AKA "Bella". blue merle & white parti/blue roan, with tan markings. Female out of Badger and Buddy born on March 5th, 2017. Tiny, extra colorful and very playful 56.25% Golden Retriever.