Miniature Sport Retriever

Dakota Sport Retrievers were originally bred from 50% Golden Retriever, with the other 50% being both, American and English Cocker Spaniel. Dakota Sport Retrievers are mostly Multi Generation! Our Miniature Sport Retrievers are very close to equal percentages of Golden Retrievers, English Cocker Spaniel, and American Cocker Spaniel!

A Miniature Sport Retriever has a unique look and temperament all its own. Being very loving, gentle, easy to train dogs, the  Miniature Sport Retriever is a comfort to have around.

Miniature Sport Retrievers mostly average from 20 to 30 pounds, with the possibility of being as small as 15 pounds, and as much as 35 pounds, and possibly in a rare case, up to 40 pounds? Mostly ranging 14 to 16 inches tall, with 13 to 17 inches tall being possible!

Our Miniature Sport Retrrievers are all "Golden" colors, ranging from cream, light gold, gold, dark gold, to red colored! Some may or may not have white markings, or have the parti (spotted) pattern.

They have unique "slipper" feet, with hair between their toes. They have from a straight, smooth coat, to a wavy coat. They are considered a long haired breed, but shed less then purebred Golden Retrievers.

Miniature Sport Retrievers love water, love to fetch, and are very fun dogs outdoors, while being calm indoors. They are very gentle, loving family dogs. They can be trained to hunt upland birds and/or water fowl. They love toys, and often carry toys around. If a toy is not available, they may carry anything that they can find!

Dogs with over or under bites, umbilical hernias, hip or eye problems, or other health issues should not be bred. The Dakota Sport Retriever has an excellent, people oriented, outgoing temperament, and no shy, aggressive, or hyper dogs should be bred.
Miniature Sport Retrievers
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Bill & Ayla Bitter
Gracie and Dill's Previous Litter
We are currently not breeding due to both of us working full time jobs. However, you can still get a Miniature Sport Retriever from Ayla's mother, Karen Brausen.

Karen can be reached at 865-441-2362 or at and her webiste is